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El Fuerte, Copper Canyon, March 27-April 6-2008

COPPER CANYON TRIP REPORT, a total of 231 species were seen. This year's trip approached the canyon from the upper east end. After driving from New Mexico, with an overnight in Cuauhtemoc, we arrived at the rim of the Barranca de Urique portion of the canyon. Leaving our vehicles at Mansion Tarahumara, we boarded the train for the spectacular descent through the impenetrable barrancas of the western slope of the Sierra Madre. 6 hours and many tunnels later we emerged from the foothills onto the coastal plain, rolling into El Fuerte just after sunset. I always enjoy seeing the Crested Caracaras settling in on top of the whitewashed cardon cacti to spend the night. Birding the lowlands around El Fuerte yielded lots of great birds-Rufous-bellied Chachalaca, Elegant Quail, Blue Mockingbird-to name a few. Copper Canyon Trip List 2008

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