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Truth or Consequences 9/02/2012

We were invited to survey Campo Espinoso on the east side of Truth or Consequences. Located close to the Rio Grande River this property includes several hundred acres of desert grassland surrounding Mim's Pond, a spring fed marsh lined lake. As fall migration was in full swing, we found an interesting mix of resident species, such as Verdin and Crissal Thrasher, as well as migrants such as MacGillivray's and Virginia's Warbler. Fields planted by the owners provide much needed fuel for south bound migration and flocks of Yellow-headed Blackbirds were present in force to take advantage. A couple of surprise migrants in the field were Painted Bunting and Dickcissel-both straying quite a bit southwest of their normal migration corridors. By far the most unusual sighting of the day was a Philadelphia Vireo, quite rare for New Mexico. Interestingly enough, an individual of the same species was reported the next day in Las Cruces, about 70 miles to the south. The marshes around Mim's Pond yielded Common Yellowthroat, Virginia Rail and Yellow-breasted Chat. Some southbound hummingbirds were visiting the feeders, including Rufous and Broad-tailed. WingsWest Birding looks forward to offering tours here beginning in the spring of 2013

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