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Ladder Ranch CBC 12/11/2014

This, the 7th Ladder Ranch CBC, had the best coverage so far, as reflected in our new high total of 105 species. New high counts were set for several species including Gambel's Quail (513), Western Bluebird (191), Hermit Thrush (26), Spotted Towhee (105), and White-crowned Sparrow (1174). Apparently, there is a lot of food on Ladder this winter. We also keep adding new species to the count with Northern Goshawk, Northern Shoveler, Lark Sparrow, Killdeer, Rusty Blackbird, Cassin's Finch all being tallied (the latter two species first time ever on the ranch). Historic low counts were American Coot (2), Juniper Titmouse (1), Vesper Sparrow (1) and Eastern Meadowlark (2). First time misses, both head scratchers, were Canada Goose and Cactus Wren. Many thanks to all who drove the long distance to participate.

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